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The VIPCOS system consists of one or more IP stations for voice messaging and general system management, as well as interface modules-adapter for connecting call stations via Up0-, Uko- protocols, PA-controller for public address, I/O-modules (PLC) to which additional system devices are connected.


The VIPCOS system consists of the following main components:

- Multifunctional intercom system - VIPCOS V640 Call station for 16 keys with the display and the extension console of the keypad V641 / V642.

- Call station based on PC VIPCOS V650.

- Call station for crane communication V670.

- Digital weather proof call station V615, simultaneously supporting Upo- and SIP-protocol. Devices already have an integrated default additional amplifier up to 40W for connecting external loudspeakers (8 ohm).

- VIPCOS module-adapter V900 for connection of 4 devices V615 and V615 Ex via Upo-protocol.

- VIPCOS module-adapter V920 for connection of 2 analog devices.

- VIPCOS module-gateway V970 with various software for integration with telephone networks.

- VIPCOS PA-controller for public address and alarming V1000.

- VIPCOS universal adapter module V590 for connecting any analog device.

- VIPCOS I/O-module (PLC) for intelligent control actuators and sensors.

- Ethernet switch for combining individual components and devices into a network of the VIPCOS communication system.

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